Statement of Environmental Principles

AEMA Statement of Environmental Principles

In support of its mission to advance the mineral industries, the American Exploration & Mining Association is committed to principles that embody the protection of human health, the natural environment, and a prosperous economy. Accordingly, the AEMA and its membership recognize environmental protection as an essential element of mining and hereby affirm these principles:

  • That the business of the mineral industries should be conducted in a manner that integrates the protection of human health and of the natural environment with the benefits of economic and social growth;
  • That facilities should be designed, developed, and operated based upon the efficient and economic use of energy resources and materials, the protection of the environment, and the minimization of waste;
  • That from project inception through closure, potential environmental impacts should be comprehensively identified, and appropriately evaluated, managed, and mitigated;
  • That research into, and education pertaining to, the most effective and efficient methods of mitigation of environmental impacts should be supported and the results shared and openly discussed;
  • That environmental practices should comply with statutory and regulatory requirements and, in the absence of formal regulation, that appropriate practices should be applied;
  • That environmental protection, not just compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, should be the goal, and that technically and economically sound improvement in environmental performance should continually be sought and implemented;
  • That affected parties, including the company, its employees, suppliers, and contractors, and the local community, should be kept informed and involved on technical, legislative and regulatory issues;
  • That open and constructive partnerships should be forged with governmental bodies, affected parties, and the general public for the formulation of an effective, efficient and equitable legislative and regulatory framework to support mineral industries which are both economically vibrant and environmentally responsible, and
  • That the understanding should be promoted through educational programs and other means, within and beyond the mining industry, that mining and environmental protection are compatible, and that mineral products make possible both the development of our society and the mitigation of modern society’s impact on the environment.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees October 15, 1998