AEMA is an effective and proactive advocate for the North American mining community, successfully influencing the outcome of political dialogue, building effective working strategies with key elected officials, developing and coordinating industry’s response to legislative and regulatory issues, and galvanizing the grassroots.

AEMA works hard to keep our members up-to-date and on top of the most pressing issues facing the mining industry. We are able to break down these complex issues and effect meaningful change, AEMA's advocacy can make all the difference to your company and U.S. projects or mines.  

Above all AEMA advocates for a robust, modern and sustainable American mining industry. Mining makes modern life possible, from your vehicle to the device you are using to view this website. In advocating for the American mining industry, AEMA understands that improving public understanding of the importance of mining is critical. AEMA not only advocates for responsible mining policies but uses its advanced capabilities and extensive expertise to educate the public and policymakers all to the benefit of our members. 

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We Advocate For:

Small Business

Public Lands

Industry Partnership

Approximately 80% of AEMA members are small businesses. We understand the unique needs of small suppliers, miners and exploration companies when it comes to elevating your voice to the policy makers. AEMA is frequently called upon to be that voice on your behalf in Washington, DC and elsewhere.

AEMA is recognized nationally as the voice for maintaining responsible access to our public lands. Our members take the social contract with the public seriously. AEMA fights to keep public land open for business while respecting other public uses.

Our team has built a robust network of partners in both state and national industry associations strengthen our ability to represent our members on cross-cutting issues.


Environmental Sustainability

Health & Safety

Nothing can impact a mine project more than the threat of an endangered species. AEMA is at the forefront of pushing back against regulatory overreach in the name of species conservation. We led the fight to stop the federal government from using the Greater Sage-grouse and other species to stop mining.

AEMA adopted its Statement of Environmental Principles in 1998 to communicate the modern mining industry’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability to the public and policymakers.

AEMA & its members have a strong commitment to promote health and safety principles as essential elements of exploration and mining, ensuring that every worker comes home safely at the end of every shift.


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