AEMA Applauds State Land Commissioner Association Mineral Withdrawal Opposition


AEMA Applauds State Land Commissioner Association Mineral Withdrawal Opposition

State Trust Land Group Passes Resolution Calling on BLM to End is Epic Land Grab

Yesterday, the Western State Land Commissioner Association (WSLCA) passed a resolution calling on the BLM to end its 10 million acre land withdrawal for the protection of Greater Sage-grouse. The resolution states, in part:
“The WSLCA opposes the US Department of Interior proposed 10 million acre mineral withdrawal as a detriment to the economic development and return on land managed by the states for the intended beneficiaries of the public trust.”
The Western States Land Commissioners Association brings together key land managers responsible for overseeing the administration of over 440 million acres of public and school trust land assets in 23 western states.AEMA welcomed the action saying;
“AEMA has long opposed the BLM’s epic land grab as unnecessary and harmful to not only mining but entire state economies. Now we have those responsible for funding our schools through state lands saying the same. The BLM simply does not have to take this action,” said Matthew Ellsworth, AEMA Government Affairs Director.
Learn more about WSLCA at   The resolution,  OPPOSING THE 10 MILLION ACRE PROPOSED FEDERAL MINERAL WITHDRAWAL can be viewed here: WSTLA Resolution.