AEMA Joins MSLF – Comments on the Proposed Dithdrawal for Sage Grouse Conservation

AEMA joined with Mountain States Legal Foundation (MSLF) to prepare and file the attached comments on the proposed withdrawal in Sagebrush Focal Areas of more than 10,000,000 acres across 6 states acres from mineral entry. We previously filed joint scoping comments on the proposed withdrawal with MSLF. We strongly recommended that DOI either reject the application for withdrawal and terminate the segregation or select the no action (no withdrawal) alternative and terminate the segregation. The DEIS clearly demonstrated that the proposed withdrawal is not necessary for sage grouse recovery, is significantly disproportionate to the very small total acreage impacted by mining operations in Sagebrush Focal Areas, and will hurt local communities as well as national economic and security interests.

AEMA, MSLF, and their members do not support the BLM’s unlawful and unnecessary proposed withdrawal of approximately ten million acres of federal lands from operation of the Mining Law under any action alternative. The proposed withdrawal and its attendant two-year segregation injure AEMA, MSLF, and their members. Rather, AEMA, MSLF, and their members support the No Action Alternative. As such, AEMA and MSLF urge the Secretary to select the No Action Alternative and reject the application for the proposed withdrawal, which would terminate the two-year segregation.

Full comments available for download here: 2017.3.28 AEMA & MSLF Comments on Proposed SFA Withdrawal DEIS