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AEMA Applauds State Land Commissioner Association Mineral Withdrawal Opposition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JULY 14, 2016 AEMA Applauds State Land Commissioner Association¬†Mineral Withdrawal Opposition State Trust Land Group Passes Resolution Calling on BLM to End is Epic Land Grab Yesterday, the Western State Land Commissioner Association (WSLCA) passed a resolution calling on the BLM to end its 10 million acre land withdrawal for the protection […]

Congressman Amodei Responds to Sage Grouse Letter

Congressman Mark Amodei of Nevada recently responded to a letter from the USFWS to the Nevada Sagebrush Ecosystem Council.   USFWS Letter:¬†Region 8 Sage Grouse Letter to the Sagebrush Ecosystem Council Amodei Response:¬†Amodei repsonse to USFWS reg 8

Nevada BLM DRAFT Bonding Guidance

The Nevada BLM has circulated a DRAFT Instructional Memorandum for Phased Bonding DRAFT Phased Bond IM

NWMA Supports Mt. Hope

NWMA Comments in Mt. Hope DEIS


Mining Prosperity Has Spread South

Reno Gazette Profiles Mining’s Contribution to Nevada