Student Poster Contest


The Student Poster Contest is designed to give young men and women the opportunity to present papers to the convention attendees. This year’s contest will be judged on Wednesday December 7. Set up will take place on Tuesday December 6.


The contest is structured to simulate the presentation of a project or process to management by an engineer, geologist or metallurgist. The candidate will be judged on his/her ability to convey meaning and conviction that the work is significant and is of benefit to the minerals industry. The contest provides an excellent opportunity for young people to meet leaders in the minerals industry and to develop communication skills with other professionals who may not necessarily be skilled in the student’s particular discipline. We are accepting papers dealing with exploration, operations, management, economics, reclamation and other subjects pertinent to the mining industry.


  • Grand Prize ~ $350 – a $250 gift certificate from Miners Incorporated – donated by the Wray D. Farmin Family Fund and a check
    for $100 donated by the William C. Jordan Fund
  • 2nd Prize ~ $200 Check donated by Sponsors of the 2016 AEMA Annual Meeting
  • 3rd Prize ~ $150 Check donated by Sponsors of the 2016 AEMA Annual Meeting
  • 4th Prize ~ $100 Check donated by Sponsors of the 2016 AEMA Annual Meeting
  • 5th Prize ~ $ 75 Check donated by Sponsors of the 2016 AEMA Annual Meeting


  • BOOTH DIMENSIONS: Each student will be provided a 4’ x 8’ poster board display unit (that will accept push pins), a table and a chair.
  • DISPLAY MATERIALS: The display materials for hanging on the panels should be maps, diagrams, charts and posters that are of good quality. Core, rock samples, test
    results, demonstrations, handouts or other such items can be displayed or distributed on the table.
  • SIGNAGE: AEMA will prepare one “identifying” sign for each student to display at his/her booth. The sign will have the student’s name, school name and
    the presentation title.
  • SET UP & JUDGING: Exhibitor, core shack and student poster set up will take place between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm on Tuesday December 6. Judging will be on Wednesday, December 7. Students are expected to be at their posters and ready to discuss their poster projects.
  • COST: Technical Session fees are waived for all full time students who are members, or become members of AEMA. Student membership fees are $25.00
    annually. Student travel aid is available. Contact Pat Heywood –


Interested students should complete and return the Poster Contest Entry Form (below) and Annual Meeting Registration to AEMA on or before October 15. If you have any questions please
contact Pat Heywood

Student Poster Contest Entry Form

This entry form does not constitute a registration to Annual Meeting. Students must complete and return a registration form.