Why You Should Join

AEMA is an association of people and companies working in or for the mining industry, who have on-the-ground expertise and get things done.

  • AEMA’s members are the leaders and difference makers of the mining industry. Our members are making it happen on the ground throughout North America.
  • AEMA has the largest individual membership of any U.S. based mining industry trade association. The sheer number of members and the range of interests represented gives AEMA the political standing it needs to achieve benefits for our industry as a whole.
  • AEMA’s staff, website and emails keep you informed with what’s happening in the mining industry and what is occurring on the legislative and regulatory front.


AEMA is the U.S. mining industry’s proactive leader and YOUR advocate. Membership in AEMA strengthens your voice on the issues and complements the mining industry’s government affairs efforts, ensuring that your voice is heard at all levels of government.

  • AEMA is the recognized national voice for mineral exploration and development and for access to the public lands.
  • AEMA is unique in its ability to bring together corporate interests and those of explorationists, small miners, grassroots members, vendors and suppliers and represent them on an equal footing.
  • AEMA works closely with the National Mining Association (NMA) to respond to the many regulatory and legislative challenges confronting the hardrock mining industry.
  • AEMA provides an important Western voice on the issues and a connecting link between the state mining associations and NMA. This input reflects our member’s on-the-ground expertise and understanding of state and federal land management, environmental, safety and mining regulations. Many state mining associations look to AEMA for leadership on Mining Law and public land issues.


AEMA’s Annual Meeting and Exposition is the second largest annual mining industry meeting in the U.S. and the U.S.’s premier annual exploration conference.

  • Outstanding technical program and short courses to hone your skills, increase your knowledge and keep you abreast of what is happening in the industry.
  • Networking and business contact opportunities with explorationists, geologists, operators, consultants, executives, managers, large, mid-size and small producers, juniors, vendors, suppliers and government representatives and regulators.


National anti-mining campaign groups continue to target all sectors of the mining industry, from small independents to large producers. You and your company have a vested interest in working closely with AEMA to help defeat all anti-mining campaigns and promote the positive benefits of mining.

  • Earthworks and other mining opponents are focusing their anti-mining strategy on one project/one company/one state at a time to produce precedent-setting decisions that are adverse to the mining industry’s interests. Many of these targeted companies lack the financial resources and political acumen to effectively defend their projects without mining industry support and help from AEMA.
  • You and your company’s participation in AEMA will increase the industry’s ability to defeat anti-mining ballot initiatives and adverse state and federal legislative and regulatory proposals.


AEMA has close relationships with many key western Senators and Representatives, Governors, key congressional staffers, and state and federal agency personnel that augment and complement other mining industry organizational contacts.

  • These policy makers frequently look to AEMA for outside-the-Beltway input on mining, environmental, safety and federal land management issues. Many of these key officials have spoken at AEMA’s Annual Meeting, or are regular attendees, affording important access to our members.
  • These relationships enable AEMA to facilitate one-on-one meetings between our members and key officials, congressional staffers and agency personnel, at our Annual Meeting and throughout the year.
  • Our broad-based membership in 43 states provides direct constituent contacts with 86 U.S. Senators, more than 200 U.S. Representatives and 43 Governors. AEMA’s 2,500 members strengthen and augment industry’s grassroots lobbying efforts.


AEMA has built effective coalitions with other natural resource industries, public land user groups, and county commissioners in a number of key mining states.

  • AEMA has effectively marshaled broad, multi-interest support for mining projects and issues as effective constituent voices.

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