For Immediate Release: December 7, 2017

Royal Gold Inc. CEO Addresses Mining Industry

Industry Leader Provides Industry Outlook at AEMA 123rd Annual Meeting

Tony Jensen, President and CEO of Denver-based Royal Gold, Inc., addressed a sold-out Industry Outlook Luncheon today at American Exploration & Mining Association’s (AEMA) 123rd Annual Meeting, Exposition & Short Courses in Reno, Nevada.

Mr. Jensen addressed several important issues facing the modern mining industry. “The supply of gold is limited by the laws of nature and it is becoming more difficult to find, permit and develop deposits, all of which restricts supply.  These very properties stand in stark contrast to fiat currencies over time.  Gold is scarce, it is a store of value and it is a competitive investment for all portfolios,” commented Tony Jensen, President and CEO of Royal Gold, Inc. “The mining industry must discover, permit, build and operate for long term value, rather than concentrating on short term headwinds.  The AEMA advocates for companies engaged in the important work of growing and sustaining America’s mining industry for the future.”

“Tony is one of the most respected voices in our industry and we are privileged to have him share his thoughts and insight with us today.” said Laura Skaer, AEMA Executive Director. “Royal Gold has been a long time AEMA member and their contribution to the mining industry is undeniably powerful.”

The Annual Meeting is the second largest annual mining convention in the U.S., featuring 250 exhibitors, a core shack, 27 technical sessions and over 100 speakers, and will bring more than 2,000 people to the Reno area. The Annual Meeting runs through Friday, December 8th.

More information is available at or at Registration in the Nugget Casino Resort. Media passes are available, contact Devon Coquillard for more information.