About Modern Mining

This portion of the website is sponsored in-part by The More You Dig, AEMA's educational campaign.

Mining Makes Modern Life Possible

Mining is a vital part of our lives.

The U.S. mining industry provides the U.S. with the necessary mineral resources needed for smartphones, laptops, vehicles, alternative energies, medicine, and to build the world around you.

The More You Dig - An Educational Campaign

The More You Dig campaign, in collaboration with the American Exploration & Mining Association (AEMA), is a public education effort to educate students, professionals and the public about the importance of mining in their daily lives, generate accurate public perceptions of mining and inform the media about the modern mining industry.

We are available to offer educational resources for all things mining; from the process, careers, economic impact, safety, environmental protection, and more!

The mining process has evolved over the last century to become a safe and technologically advanced industry. Materials produced by mining are absolutely essential ingredients for modern technology like medical devices, cell phones, and airplanes. Our goal is share the story of mining with the public, helping them understand what modern mining is and how important it is to our daily lives and our future!

For more information or questions please contact Anthony Roeber at aroeber@miningamerica.org
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