AEMA Society

About the AEMA Society

The AEMA Society (the “Society”) was chartered in 2021 to identify talented individuals in the mining industry, match them with mentors in their selected discipline, and provide cross-disciplinary curriculum to all program participants. Over the course of one calendar year, Society Mentees (1) receive a course of instruction from the full corps of Society Mentors representing a range of established disciplines, and (2) interact with their designated Mentors on a periodic basis for more personalized learning and discourse. Society Mentees who complete the course of instruction to the satisfaction of their Mentor will attest to conducting their professional careers in accordance with the standards and ethics embodied in the Society Oath, which will be administered at the Annual AEMA Conference. Questions about the AEMA Society and application process can be emailed to

Class of 2022

Annica Brown, USFS | Closure and Reclamation​

Babak Azarfar, Entech Engineering | Health and Safety​

Claire Sebald, Teck | Land Access and Management​

Dianna King, International Lining Technologies | Legal​

Erin Buck, Teck | Management/Operations​

Ethan Wologo, Enviromin Inc. | HR/Leadership​

Himesh Patel, McClelland Laboratories | Finance​

Janeen Duarte, Resolution Copper | Cultural/Tribal​

Joe Lazarus, Enviromin Inc. | External/Public Relations​

Jordan Nielsen, Perpetua Resources | Geology​

Julie Campuzano, Pinto Valley Mine | Management/Operations​

Lillian Wavering, Resolution Copper | Engineering​

Rob Orr , Teck| Environment/Social Governance​

Sophie Dessart, Florence Copper | External/Public Relations​